Friday, December 24, 2010

Xmas eve ride

Hardwood Mountain.

Dog on railbed.

Nasmith Brook.

Bike at Laird Pond with view of Kettle Mtn.

Dog digging at pond.

Beaver lodge at Laird Pond.

View of Kettle Mtn.

My cold head.

Bike & Dog.

Went out for a nice ride this morning after making a hearty breakfast for the family. After the ride we did some sledding action with 2 jumps on the hill. Fun Fun for all.


sminch said...


Glad to see that you got out. Mike and I might ride tomorrow. I am switching my single speed over to 8speed IGH. Follow along if you care too.

Happy Holidays, Wil

greg said...


Thanks for the invite but I'm staying close to home today. Would be happy to ride together another time though. Enjoy your ride.

I saw your post for the Alfine hub. I have always thought the single front ring/internal rear makes a lot of sense in hilly country. I'll look for your future post about it!

Happy Holidays!