Monday, April 23, 2012

Gravel Grinder 2012

food stop halfway chocolate bacon?
hippie electrolyte drink, I also add maple syrup

So I rode it this past Sunday. It was quite a ride. Here is a link to the ride map/stats... . Matt and I met at the Plainfield Park&Ride and then drove out to Waterbury. It was a chilling sort of mid 30's cold at 8AM but would prove to be just the right temperature for the massive climbing involved.

We signed in, got our T-shirts and chatted with folks. It was nice to see Wil there, but sadly he was out of the ride due to a health issue. Jim was there 3 months after a completely busted femur knocked him out while he was ice skating on those long nordic skates, and I must admit, he passed me on Perry Hill. Stubborn I am, a fast climber I am not.

We headed out of Stowe and into a massive climb. The pack mostly stayed together through the first 6-8 miles. Then folks started pacing out. I made the error of keeping up with Matt for too long and got a cramp around mile 12 which I stretched out, thus making it to the "food" stop late.

The food is one good reason to do this ride. The list included...bacon, chocolate chipped bacon, twizzlers, pretzels, bananas and a brown liquid in several glass bottles which seemed potentially flammable but was consumed by some and I think there might have been some water too. After the stop we blasted downhill and I consumed a Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pie which contains 310 calories and I can eat it about 39 seconds without my stomach hurting as with gels.

Then it was onto Rt. 100 for a brief spin over to Gregg Hill Rd. The climbing, climbing, climbing. Then zoooooom back down into Waterbury. I was thrilled to learn I finished about 15 minutes behind Matt as he is fast and I am not.

On our return there was yummy catering by Frida's (an amazing Mexican place in Stowe). Also Long Trail beer. Yum. After an hour or two of hanging out we headed home.