Saturday, March 5, 2016

Photoshop courtesy of Mike...

Ha! Thanks Mike. Been meaning to post for a while. :)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Friday AM recon

Lean-To Recon
Along Telephone Line Trail
Tree with Ferns Along Trail
Hosmer Brook
Shelter Option #2

I spent a few hours yesterday in the am exploring and connecting trails I've ridden with some less traveled unmapped fire trails and tracks and old 4WD roads. Scouting some more for a planned winter  s240.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sunday fall ride in December

Went on a great ride this past Sunday. Dave sent out a last-minute email throwing out the possibility of a road ride in this warm December weather we have been having.  I met up with Dave and Anthony, plus Tristan and Per from Onion River Sports at Positive Pie Plnfld for coffee. We had a great conversation about endurance and Tristan had us all cracking up with a hilarious pain cave digression.

Afterward Anthony, Dave and I headed out for a 40 mile loop up to Hardwick and back.

It's a little bizarre to have this warm weather in December but we are certainly enjoying it and making the best of it.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Hardwood Mtn/Silver Ledge Trail

Rugged "road" up Hardwood Mtn.

Beaver Pond series

Beaver Pond with Mukluk

Silver Ledge Trail

Silver Ledge Trail


This was a great 2 part ride I did this month. Both times I didn't have a long time to ride but wanted to connect Hardwood Mtn Road and Silver Ledge trail while exploring a few offshoots in the process. This is a nice route out my backdoor for exploring, skiing and s240 camping. I am aiming for a winter trip to camp in Groton this year.

Doing the ride on the fatbike is such a pleasure. I have had a great time on logging roads, trails, ATV tracks and single track as it just absorbs everything. I compare it to riding in a late 60's american car. It feels like biking on a couch.

If you don't know yet, Surly Fatbikes are 50% off this winter!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Bean Rd. fat bike ride

snowy field
bean rd.
winter gear and bright sun squint
I was working in the home office yesterday. Got out for an extended lunch ride. Explored my normal loop plus a bit of Bean Road which is a one lane narrow class 4 road that some brave soul had motored down in what seems to be a car judging by it's low clearance determined by the drag marks in the middle of the track. Then I headed up Pigeon Pond Road up to the "Private Property" sign. There is a gate at the top of the road and a sign that says "No motor vehicles beyond this point". In the past the gate has been left slightly open which allowed guilt free passage up to Pigeon Pond, which is on private property but is a beautiful pristine pond. Didn't quite feel right to skirt the gate to continue on the road though. It was a beautiful and sunny 20 degrees!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fat night ride...

Rolled along the back roads and rail bed. It's nice to ride the snow at night quiet and peaceful.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Job Delay=A Chance To Play...

exploring map

dock at parking area to Seyon pond

start of ride

ramshackle camp on west side of pond

view from footbridge facing east


soggy trail

grassy trail

moose track trail

one of many moist sections

moose trail/vast trail
We had a job delay waiting for some materials so I decided to play hookey and go for a ride. I went exploring some trails south of Seyon Pond near Groton SF. The trails will be a jumping off point for what appear in satellite view to be many logging roads/trails/vast trails between Seyon and Butterfield Mtn!

It was a great day. Nice temps cool and breezy. The trails were highly varied but mostly rugged wide singletrack. There also seem to be many class 4 type roads about though. Many of the trails around the pond are also ski trails in winter.

Looking forward to further explorations soon.