Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Job Delay=A Chance To Play...

exploring map

dock at parking area to Seyon pond

start of ride

ramshackle camp on west side of pond

view from footbridge facing east


soggy trail

grassy trail

moose track trail

one of many moist sections

moose trail/vast trail
We had a job delay waiting for some materials so I decided to play hookey and go for a ride. I went exploring some trails south of Seyon Pond near Groton SF. The trails will be a jumping off point for what appear in satellite view to be many logging roads/trails/vast trails between Seyon and Butterfield Mtn!

It was a great day. Nice temps cool and breezy. The trails were highly varied but mostly rugged wide singletrack. There also seem to be many class 4 type roads about though. Many of the trails around the pond are also ski trails in winter.

Looking forward to further explorations soon.

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