Monday, May 28, 2012

Another amazing Sunday...

Foster Road in Moretown, closed in winter single lane super steep

Yiorgos at the crossroads

Proof that the run up can beat the ride up on Foster Road

Heading home on the railroad bed
It was another great weekend. That is the good news. I am afraid we will use them all up before the Lake Champlain 200/300k. That is the bad news. I will choose to focus on the good news though. Rode into Montpelier this morning along Rt.2. Met Yiorgos and had breakfast and then headed out on the Reservoir Road which is a very nice gravel ride along the Winooski River. 10 years ago when I would do this ride I might see 1 or 2 other riders. Now I will see 10-15. It is very heartening that so many folks are hopping on bikes again. I attribute it largely to the practical bikes that are readily available now.

Here is the link to the ride route...

We headed south on 100B past the spillway and veered off onto Moretown County Road. That means up up up for about 2 miles. We took a little detour along Foster Road which I was intrigued by as MapMyRide noted "closed in winter". It didn't disappoint. There was a cyclocross like descent followed by a granny gear climb for me and a dismount/run up for Yiorgos. At the top we layered down and then bombed down into Moretown.

We headed back north on 100B for a stop at the Red Hen Bakery. We grabbed a coffee and ran into Frank from Onion River Sports. He is an ace mechanic who always does a fantastic job of CLA and polishing my bikes. He rides a CrossCheck outfitted with fenders and greatly impressed me with the fact that it is his sole bike. I can't imagine having the self control to own 1 bike while working at a bike shop. We all rode back together on the Reservoir Road for a while then Frank put it in turbo and motored off.

I headed back up Route 2 and then to the Plainfield Co-op before heading home up the railbed.
Another great ride with perfect weather!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

48 miles on a warm sunny day...

6:15 AM
Town Hill Road
Town Hill Road long climbs
Montpelier at 7:30
Up to Hubbard Park for a detour
Tower at the park
On the way home at Vermont College
Nice back roads
Another amazing day. I am a bit afraid that we are using them all up. Normally in Vermont you might get 3 sunny days in a row to be followed by 2-3 cloudy ones. All that rain keeps the Green Mountain State green I suppose. I rode into Montpelier over Town Hill road to meet Yiorgos today at Capitol Grounds. I arrived early so I headed up into Hubbard Park and back. Got a bagel and then we rode out to Worcester. After that I got another bagel with egg this time, and rode back home via County Road and Snow Hill Road to Rt. 14 and then over 214 to Plainfield.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Vermont spring 200k

bakery in Richmond
stretching time
rest stop
view over the valley
power line donut
Burley rando
sunset along spear st.
I rode the 200k this Saturday. You couldn't ask for a better day. It was clear and sunny and just warm enough and just cool enough. The ride started in Burlington and headed south to Richmond and over the hills to Bristol and Brandon and Middlebury and then back north along the lake. It was a moderately hilly route. Definately not flat but also not brutally hilly. There was a very nice group of folks, as usual.

I had a decent ride but had been hoping for a quicker finish. I pulled in with 50 minutes to spare. I was in high spirits despite some cramping as we climbed over the Bristol gap. After that I took it easy on the legs as anytime I pushed too hard I felt the lactic acid coming on.

One rider finished in just over 8 hours and the last rider pulled in at the buzzer. There was one rider who did not finish but made a valiant effort as he was recovering from both a broken collarbone and a blood clot!

The fellow who I rode the last 40 miles with was pulling a Burly trailer that had glass jars of peaches, sardines, nuts and other goodies. The next morning he was planning to ride to work, teaching a spinning class!

It was a classic Vermont ride with plenty of nice country stores and supply stops and scenic spots along the way.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

nice road time...

back roads near Montpelier
field outside Moretown
solar installation off rt.12
rest stop at solar installation
ride stats
Had a great ride on Sunday. Trying to get some miles in before some of the longer rides come up. There was a headwind almost continually and I was fueled by Red Hen coffee and chocolate milk, yum. It was pretty much a perfect day on the Pacer.

Ride link...

I left Montpelier around 1:00 and headed out to Red Hen on the River Road, a nice short stretch of dirt/pavement that is little traveled on the weekend. Then I took Rt.2 for a few minutes over to the Hen. After a coffee I went down Rt. 100B into the very odd continually shifting wind. It a a lovely stretch of road. Clear and wide shoulders and it follows the Mad River. I rode with another rider from Duxbury for a few minuntes. Then I turned around in Moretown after chocolate milk. Back up to Montpelier. The I cruised Dog River Road over to Rt. 12 and headed south toward Nothfield so I could get in my 30 miles I had set for myself.

I continue to be thrilled with it and the Conti 4 seasons. I have been making a conscious effort to push harder on the climbs this year to gain some speed in that area with the goal being more relaxed control stops during the brevets.

sand fat bike...

yes, it is
yep, it's not Vermont
fat with house
fat palms
Michelle having fun but embarrased

Went with the family on a vacation to Florida in the intracoastal area. I rented this Fat Sand Bike and had a blast going up and down the streets in town and on the beach. My wife also had fun, although she was not so sure about riding a bike that draws so much attention. She said "it's perfect for you though" in an enigmatic way. I am still not sure exactly what that means.