Tuesday, May 8, 2012

nice road time...

back roads near Montpelier
field outside Moretown
solar installation off rt.12
rest stop at solar installation
ride stats
Had a great ride on Sunday. Trying to get some miles in before some of the longer rides come up. There was a headwind almost continually and I was fueled by Red Hen coffee and chocolate milk, yum. It was pretty much a perfect day on the Pacer.

Ride link... http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/90700073/

I left Montpelier around 1:00 and headed out to Red Hen on the River Road, a nice short stretch of dirt/pavement that is little traveled on the weekend. Then I took Rt.2 for a few minutes over to the Hen. After a coffee I went down Rt. 100B into the very odd continually shifting wind. It a a lovely stretch of road. Clear and wide shoulders and it follows the Mad River. I rode with another rider from Duxbury for a few minuntes. Then I turned around in Moretown after chocolate milk. Back up to Montpelier. The I cruised Dog River Road over to Rt. 12 and headed south toward Nothfield so I could get in my 30 miles I had set for myself.

I continue to be thrilled with it and the Conti 4 seasons. I have been making a conscious effort to push harder on the climbs this year to gain some speed in that area with the goal being more relaxed control stops during the brevets.

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