Monday, December 14, 2015

Hardwood Mtn/Silver Ledge Trail

Rugged "road" up Hardwood Mtn.

Beaver Pond series

Beaver Pond with Mukluk

Silver Ledge Trail

Silver Ledge Trail


This was a great 2 part ride I did this month. Both times I didn't have a long time to ride but wanted to connect Hardwood Mtn Road and Silver Ledge trail while exploring a few offshoots in the process. This is a nice route out my backdoor for exploring, skiing and s240 camping. I am aiming for a winter trip to camp in Groton this year.

Doing the ride on the fatbike is such a pleasure. I have had a great time on logging roads, trails, ATV tracks and single track as it just absorbs everything. I compare it to riding in a late 60's american car. It feels like biking on a couch.

If you don't know yet, Surly Fatbikes are 50% off this winter!!

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