Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sunday fall ride in December

Went on a great ride this past Sunday. Dave sent out a last-minute email throwing out the possibility of a road ride in this warm December weather we have been having.  I met up with Dave and Anthony, plus Tristan and Per from Onion River Sports at Positive Pie Plnfld for coffee. We had a great conversation about endurance and Tristan had us all cracking up with a hilarious pain cave digression.

Afterward Anthony, Dave and I headed out for a 40 mile loop up to Hardwick and back.

It's a little bizarre to have this warm weather in December but we are certainly enjoying it and making the best of it.

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Dave Cain said...

I'm so glad we got to do that ride. It sort of brackets the season from our bakery ride in the summer. That said, I wonder when this season is actually going to end and become winter...