Friday, January 16, 2015

Bean Rd. fat bike ride

snowy field
bean rd.
winter gear and bright sun squint
I was working in the home office yesterday. Got out for an extended lunch ride. Explored my normal loop plus a bit of Bean Road which is a one lane narrow class 4 road that some brave soul had motored down in what seems to be a car judging by it's low clearance determined by the drag marks in the middle of the track. Then I headed up Pigeon Pond Road up to the "Private Property" sign. There is a gate at the top of the road and a sign that says "No motor vehicles beyond this point". In the past the gate has been left slightly open which allowed guilt free passage up to Pigeon Pond, which is on private property but is a beautiful pristine pond. Didn't quite feel right to skirt the gate to continue on the road though. It was a beautiful and sunny 20 degrees!

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