Saturday, December 18, 2010

Snow time!

Lets go!

Happily trotting along.

Cows seemed surprised today.

That's my foot eh?

Cockpit view.

It was a good day for back roads riding.

Recovery time.

Got out today on the mtn. bike. Dropped the pressure down to 25 in front and 30 in rear. Worked out great on the back roads and okay on the old rail bed. The canine was thrilled with the experience. Not too sure about he cows, they seemed a bit out of sorts upon noticing us. They were in a different field from summertime and I am sure I looked different in winter mode.

These Burton mittens are amazing!! Warm and nimble. Highly recommended. They are the best hand warming devices I have ever owned.
3 years and still going strong.

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