Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What I'm riding now...

After the Lake Champlain 200k I decided that it was time for a bike that was 12-15 lbs. lighter and a much better fit than my roadified Trek 950. (which was a great bike) This summer I picked up a Surly Pacer from Old Spokes. They set me up for fit and I was on my way.

This is a fantastic bike. It is super comfortable and handles great. For me it has the perfectly tight steering that is soooo nice. In addition the fit is nice and relaxed. I went for a 58cm. I am 6' tall but with short legs so the seat is lowish but that is fine with me, just takes more pressure off my hands.

It is now fitted with planet bike hybrid fenders and a rear rack. Coming after the holidays is an Arkel handlebar bag.

For now it is on the trainer in the basement. Wheee, fun.


Oldairhead said...


Lookin good! The Pacer is a great value and a nice offering from Surly. It's a little out of the mainstream but fills an important niche in cycling.

Did you have trouble with fender clearance? My Cascadia fenders were a bit too close with 28c tires so I made some modifications. Should work fine now.

I rode the Pacer today but conditions sucked so it was a short ride. Hope to get a longer test in soon!

Have fun!


greg said...



The fenders are Planet Bike Hybrid. They have PLENTY of room for the 28c and might fit skinny 32c tires. I didn't have to do any "notching" for them which I am happy about because I did that on Planet Bikes once for my Trek 950 road conversion and got some rattling issues.

The only adjustment I had to make was to notch out the rear mounting bracket a little to raise the fender up and use the fender mount spacers to bring the brackets out form the brake bolt a bit.

Ride on.