Sunday, December 26, 2010

Handlebar bags

The new Arkel small bar bag.


A hand made bar basket for my kid's bike, rando in training:) His granny made it. She is a basket maker.

Nice reinforced spaces for nylon webbing buckle system.

It even works well on adult bike with brifters.

Another view.

The basket was made by granny for my son's biking adventures.
I mounted up the basket on my road bike so that if anyone wants to special order a basket from Granny Ann you can see how it looks. She can also make any size and shape of basket you want! A link to her soon to be website coming soon.

The Arkel bag was purchased for my rides after much internal deliberation. I am very happy with it. It seems to be the perfect size. The mounting system is flawless. Looking forward to having the cue sheets up high and easily viewable.


sminch said...

The Arkel bag is sweet! I am going to get one of those soon for my long rides. Consider me a customer for Granny Ann. I want a woven basket for a townie that I am going to build for my wife. She wants to have a bike for going to Farmers' Markets and that will be perfect. get the info to me. Thanks, Wil

greg said...

Great! Granny will be excited. I'll get you some more info in the next day or two.

bmike said...

nice looking luggage greg. was great to see you guys on xmas too!

we need to do a boy time ride!

wil, maybe we head to plainfield for a ride round greg's hood?

sminch said...

I'm game. I would love to check out that area. Maybe we can do one of our centuries over there?

greg said...

Sounds good to me guys. I will upload a link to a nice route that I like. Very fun route with moderate dirt. (8-10 miles I think) It'll be pretty soft on the backroads around here until the end of May. Maybe we could do a late March tune-up ride, 70 miles or so? It'll be the next post.