Sunday, January 27, 2013

Last Sunday...

snow rollers

dave's winter ride

mike and dave checking out the rollers

inside of my pocket
It's too cold for me to want to ride today, so I'll write about last weeks ride.

Last Sunday Dave, Mike and I went for a winter loop ride in Middlesex. The weather looked iffy, 40-60 mph winds, sleet and rain. We met at the park and ride and decided to go for it. We reversed the original route to avoid a possible high wind headwind ride back. After some bike chat and getting ready, we headed to Montpelier on some dirt along Three Mile Bridge road. We rode into Montpelier and then UP and out of town. After the healthy climb Mike got an SOS text from home regarding sick kiddos. So he headed back. We were right to reverse the loop, it turned out he ended up trackstanded (yes it is a word) by the wind.

Dave and I continued on. Lots of up and down. With some help from a fellow who lived in the area (from whom we learned that Molly Supple Road is Molly "Souple" Road as in Campbells, we made our way through some hike-a-bike and then more onward and upward. I added a few miles of climbing with my miscalculations. We ended with a great soup lunch at the Hen.


Dave Cain said...

Hey Greg,
Fun to see you all at the dance this weekend. It was a particular pleasure to have my nieces there..

I'm looking forward to whatever the next ride is...


greg said...

Great to see you too Dave. Fun to contra with all the kids there. It is good cross training too:)

And who would've guessed coconut curry served in the basement of the grange? Yum.

Maybe our next ride will end in Montpelier for a Thai lunch.