Tuesday, January 1, 2013

BC Ski

Mike breaking trail


Over the 6" bridge

Tea break


Me breaking trail

History lesson


Ice globber aka ski cicle from stream

Sled dog action

Begin the descent
Went for a great ski with Mike today at Little River State Park. 6 hours of fun.We met at the Waterbury Park N Ride and headed to Little River. Got there around 7:30. Headed out on some gentle rolling park roads past the lake and dam to the ranger station. After a snack we headed out and up Hedgehog Trail and up up up. Amazing powder and traces of a former skiier. We stopped for Jetboil coffee and snacks and then bombed down to our starting point. Heading down was iffy due to being forced into a narrow track about 12" deep. Several times I resorted to the butt brakes as my connective tissue is not as limber as it once was and I had visions of torn ligaments as my speed increased with no room to turn or snowplow. Worked pretty well as long as I bombed down and did little mini plow/tele turns. Sloppy and ugly but it worked. A beautiful day greatly enjoyed.

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bmike said...

was a good day out. funny to have G+ to comment, and I see this in my reader. have to remember to come here to drop a note.

new skis on the way. have to pick up some skills. bolton-trapps late february if i get my butt out to practice and get my cardio in better shape?