Sunday, January 13, 2013

Great dirt/snow/hike/ride 20 miler...

when the going gets frozen the frozen get going
headed down the class 4

 Mike emerging from the mist with the lovely sound of studded tire bacon sizzle

At the top of the mighty last hill on the class 4

trail aka north bear swamp rd.


icelandic horses
Met Mike this morning at the Moretown park and ride and then headed out on a wonderful hilly loop. Up north on some dirt/freeze to Middlesex near the Rumney school and then back to the west . Then a bit north and back south on a mile or so of snowy hike a bike. Then a few more climbs and a bomber descent back to chicken curry soup, croissants, coffee and grilled cheese. Yum. A perfect January thaw day!


bmike said...

man that silvery misty light was awesome...

greg said...

indeed, so was the curry soup :)