Saturday, September 1, 2012

Papa/kid ride...

On the old rail bridge

Trail A Bike setup

Along the rail trail

"did you see those jumps back there!?"

Rusted beauty

Rotting beauty

Rotting and rusted beauty

Resting on the return trip

 We took off on a Thursday morning the week before school started. I played hookey and we rode down the rail bed to town and had breakfast at The Dancing Goat. I had a great breakfast burrito with chorizo sausage from a farm a few miles down the road. Keenan had a great breakfast sandwich with a big sausage patty from the same place. YUM.

It was a perfect day and a great Trail-A-Bike ride.


Dave said...

Hey Greg,

Fun stuff. We've done some family s24o trips with kids and grown ups and its been super fun.

Are you familiar with the concept of wabi-sabi? Wearing out, beauty through use, the effects of time..


Pondero said...

I really enjoyed this post, and the first photo is PERFECT.

greg said...

Hi Dave.

We are also excited about some family bike camping this year or next! Ah yes, wabi-sabi. Very much so. I used to do some painting and did a whole series of old factories and tools!

Thanks Chris! Glad you enjoyed it.