Saturday, August 18, 2012

Birthday ride (not mine)

4 miles from home great coffee and treats
dirt cruising
reservoir road
on the reservoir
store in Washington VT
survey mark at library in Washington
Parked in Washington with post ride clothes in panniers

We were headed out to Washington, VT today for a kids birthday party. The route also happens to be one of my favorite in central VT. It is a very gradual steady climb up Brook Road and Reservoir Road on dirt for 5 miles or so and then it turns to pavement for another 11 miles or so. Then it intersects with 302 to the roundabout. We have gotten several roundabouts around here lately in high accident areas and they work great. Then a ride out 110 to Washington where the family drove out to pick me up for the rest of the way. It was a very pleasant 20 miles. I tried something new...low tire pressure. I loved it. I ran 85 lbs in the rear and 75 in the front on 28's. It was super comfy. I was concerned about pinch flats but even climbing on loose sharp gravel it worked fine.

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