Friday, August 10, 2012

Surly Pacer update...

Overview of Pacer rando rig
Front view
Wired computer and cue sheet light
Rando gearing
Double stem setup to lower bag
Not much clearance but enough
Yes, quick release. In ride adjustment to change pressure points.
My rear loves this seat.
Flat for now.
Rear view.
Lately I have been in deep summer mode which for me means very little riding and  lot of swinging the hammer. Since I haven't had any great ride updates I decided to do a bike update.

At this point the Pacer has served very well and would be the perfect rando rig if I could raise the brake pivot mounts to get 1/8" more fender clearance. If anyone has any ideas to increase the fender clearance please share them! The fenders are fine except when on gravel roads sand and such make a sort of nonstop shhhhhhh sound.

I love the handling and fit. Why didn't I just get a Long Haul Trucker? This bike felt much better in terms of handling and that ever debated and elusive category of speed/responsiveness.

The Pacer was also a great choice because if I ever build up a different bike with more braze ons and such and better clearance I will know exactly what I want since this bike fits perfectly now. It has basically been a multi-year Fit Works test. Don't expect any new exciting bikes for a number of years though because unless I have a lot more time to ride it just isn't justified.

The pictures and captions mostly say it all. The changes I have made are mostly gearing and fit related. Mechanically the bike has performed very well.

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