Monday, September 3, 2012

New World Festival ride...

breakfast yum

breakfast spot

historic spot in Barre

back roads of Barre

back roads of Barre again

power station

back roads of Barre

the Big Dig of Barre

Main St Barre under massive redo

more coffee in Barre

downhill reward into Northfield

Clifton's latest, the Heron

Clifton on Heron

Nice water

Long downhill into Randolph

our kids at the fest
The Irregulars, the young band, really good

Irish VT dance

 This weekend I rode to Barre and met Clifton and we rode on to Randolph, VT for the New World Festival. It is a family friendly Celtic music festival where they close off the street and have music and fun for folks. It was a nice ride and a good time with the families. Our kids have known each other since they were 2 so it's always a nice easy get together. There was amazing music with lots of fiddles, pipes and such. There was a young group that put in a few of their own tunes with a nice twist or 2. Also some great storytelling and puppeteering.

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