Tuesday, June 5, 2012


new flat pedals

self explanatory

I am making a few changes to my riding setup. A friend loaned me Grant Petersen's new book recently and I found Grant's book to be full of food for thought, quite practical and an easy read. It reminded me of something a friend of mine once said. "Wow, that dude had something to say and he just said it!"

I have been inspired by the book and my own past forgetfulness to ride the Lake Champlain brevet with flat pedals. Last year I rode the Lake 300k without being clipped in on accident as I forgot my SPD shoes and it was one of the most comfortable rides ever for me. So this will be another test to see how it feels. Also I am going to try cutting out the sugar treats unless I get an undeniable urge for them.

This year I had planned on riding the Lake 300k but need to stick with the Lake 200k due to family activities and scheduling. 


Dave said...

Hey Greg,
Its funny you should mention being clipped in or not. Up until now I've ridden in Converse sneakers exclusively and only recently have started thinking about a clipless set up. I decided that rather then make an abrupt change to my set-up I'd stick with what I know for the 300k this weekend.
I also bought Just Ride and enjoyed it.

greg said...

Hi Dave. Thanks for stopping by.

It's probably smart to stick with what you have been doing for a long ride. If I hadn't accidentally ridden it last year with flat pedals I'd probably stick with being clipped in.

I'll see you this Saturday, with my feet free :)