Monday, June 11, 2012

Lake Champlain 200k/300k

Lakeside Coffee

Charlotte Ferry

Charlotte Ferry

View toward Camels Hump from the ferry

Saturday was the Lake 200/300k brevet. It was another unreasonably nice day. A much different ride than last year, when the Lake was at record high levels and we rode through 4" of water at one spot. It was dry and sunny and beautiful.

The experiment with flat pedals was highly successful. I have to say that I noticed no difference when climbing. I am mostly a standing climber which may play a role in that.For now I am a flat pedal guy.

Wil and I left Old Spokes Home with the mindset to enjoy the day and just pace it out. We rode north along the lake until we reached Hero's Welcome where I had amazing breakfast sandwich but where we also were referred to the hose out back when we asked for water. From there we headed up close to Canada and across the lake to Lakeside Coffee. When we turned south we faced about 60 miles of continuous headwind which was strong enough that even the fast pack commented on it after the ride.

On the ferry back to Vermont Wil and I had a chat with some guys from Ohio on BMW on/off road 1200's. Looks like a ton of fun. 

We rolled back into Burlington I felt good and like I still had plenty of gas in the tank. We finished with over an hour to spare even with the ferry crossing. The 300 would have been a good challenge but I am glad I made the call to go the shorter route since I then enjoyed my weekend and feel capable of getting to work this week at normal steam.

The Three Musketeers finished the 300k with 7000 or so feet of climbing plus headwind in right around 11 or 12 hours! I think Vivian and Josh may have even been earlier? Something like that.

Thanks to Mike as usual for great organization, routing and pizza!


Pondero said...

Congrats on what sounds like an excellent outing! Apparently even 60 miles of headwinds didn't spoil the fun. Well done.

Dave said...

Hi Greg,

Congratulations on your ride. We were graced with another great day of weather. Cheers!

bmike said...

great ride greg! you and wil looked strong at the finish - and i imagine that it was much more fun to ride this year than 2 years ago with 95 degree heat on those NY climbs!

well done!

some images here:

greg said...

Chris-Thanks. It was excellent indeed.

Dave-Thanks. Nice job yourself on the 300k.

Mike-Thanks again. And I had a V8 in commemoration of that hideously hot ride!

I hydrated at the Stewarts and had the following...V8, medium iced coffee, 2 A&W root beers amd 1 liter of electrolyte water...guess I got dehydrated in spite of the moderate weather!