Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saturday ride...

back roads

Flooded reservoir.

Yiorgos on the Hilsen.

The family got together with some friends in Montpelier yesterday. We hung out and chatted and drank hot drinks and the kids played. Then Yiorgos and I headed out rt. 12 to the Wrightsville Reservoir and then down some side roads and a little dirt. Lots of climbing and a big bomber run back down to town. He was on his shiny new Homer Hilsen, a move he has been contemplating for 5 years or so. It is a lovely bike and so far he is liking it. I rode it for a minute and it was nice, but 28 inch inseam (on a 6 foot frame) wouldn't allow much of a ride with the seat where it was. A great time on a nice day.


Pondero said...

That looks like a lovely route. Based on the attire, it appears summer hasn't made an arrival yet.

greg said...

Summer is a relative term isn't it? I did break a sweat on the last climb so technically it is summer in Vermont :) Often the morning will be chilly here even when the early afternoon is a stifling 75 or 80 degrees. Occasionally it even gets up to 90! But yes, "summer" in the southern sense of the word lasts from august 12th to august 16th here. It was a nice ride.