Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lake 300k randocross...

double climb defeated by 34/30 gearing!
didn't require 34/32

half of the double climb

what! a long double climb just before the midway point?

rando cross 6" puddle
old log house 1805

flooded house

split sidewall

flooded park

Saturday was the Lake Champlain 300k. The lake is at a record level, quite flooded. Mike had to pre-drive the route and re-route a lot of sections. He drove around all day friday and stayed up until midnight printing out new cue sheets and cards.

The ride was a great one. The day was sunny and cool. It was my first 300k and I definately found it challenging but managed to stay focused and centered and just spin away. The first section from Burlington to Lakeside Coffee shop was very windy. Sometimes and I would be working away and only going 10MPH. I made it to the first control with about an hour to spare. After we headed south though, there was a tailwind and in the flats I maintained 17-20 MPH. I made the second control at the mid point of the ride in about 8 1/2 hours. When I turned around I was happy for the time cushion as the headwind kept me more in the 12-14 MPH range. I arrived at the 130 mile mark with 1:45 to spare. During the last leg of the ride I teamed up with Gary and Sarah through the dark and we finished with a little over an hour left. They were great folks who are planning to go to Paris this year. They were riding on their anniversary weekend since they DNF'd the Boston 300k, which was terribly cold and rainy, due to the beginnings of hypothermia.

One of the most challenging things was that I forgot my shoes!! I had to borrow some flat pedals. It was ok since there wasn't much climbing on the re-route but I think I might super glue my shoes to my pedals now.

We had one sections where we rode through a 6" deep puddle where the lake went across the road! One rider got a sliced sidewall which the ol' dollar bill wouldn't remedy but was able to continue on as another rider loaned him a folding tire. Everyone finished except those who did not sleep so the rest of us could ride.


Pondero said...

That looks like a huge adventure, and an interesting commentary on people helping people. Very cool stuff.

bmike said...

Thanks for riding... and it was fun having time to hang out while I freaked out and reworked the route!

So so happy that you pressed on and finished. Really proud that you pulled it out. And you have no idea how relieved I was to see you groups little lights coming down the road when I went out to sweep. Especially after seeing the flipped over car accident that you rode past...!

Well done sir. Congrats.

sminch said...

excellent job Greg! Kudos to you for pushing on. When I saw you, your spirits were still high and you were almost halfway. It was a good experience, was it not? I will write up my experience soon.

See ya on the next one?


greg said...

Chris- Glad you enjoyed the post. It was indeed a huge adventure. I left out the most exciting parts-the flipped over car that had raced past with another car at about 85 MPH. 2 teenagers! No one was hurt luckily. Also-2 drive by yellings! Honestly it has made me think twice about rides that involve darkness, especially on a Saturday night.

Mike- Always good to hang out. Looking forward to the fall 200k.

Wil- It was a very good experience. I felt great when I saw you. Especially since I thought, wow, I'm only an hour behind Wil. However, my lack of training kicked in at around mile 120 and I just spun the rest of the way. It was excellent. Next year I might be up for the 400 but for this year the fall 200k will be my next brevet. Looking forward to reading about your ride.

bmike said...

Greg, the original route had us return on quiet roads from the south. I purposely designed the route with safety in mind - especially after dark. When the weather messed with our plans we were backed into a corner... unfortunately that meant route 2 after dark. Sorry for the negative vibes - I was one of those drive by yellings, as I drove sweep to check on you guys. But I'm pretty sure you recognized your truck that I was driving.

No 400? Can I con you into helping me out?

greg said...

Mike- I'd be happy to help out on the 400 as needed.

I wasn't blaming the routing at all for the harassment. Honestly the idea of night riding has always made me nervous and there seem to be a lot of comments from people in general that seem to confirm this.

However, I suppose that back roads would be quieter.

Sara Huston said...

Greg, this was your first 300K?? Congrats! I had no idea, you seemed so relaxed and just took everything in stride, I just assumed you had done a bunch already. It was fun riding with you! Honestly, riding at night is one of my favorite parts of randonneuring - I always feel like a little kid who snuck out of bed to go terrorize the neighborhood - it was a little crazy on route 2 there, but I think that is not the norm.

greg said...

Sara-It was great riding with you too. You guys should come up for the fall 200k. I'm sure I'll get over the night ride trauma (just kidding) and move on to more long rides.

I like the terrorizing the neighborhood analogy and have been glad to hear from folks that harassment and flipped over cars are not the norm.

Good luck on the trail to PBP.