Saturday, April 23, 2011

Test a new saddle, bachelor weekend...

This weekend the wife and child are visiting family on the west coast. Taking advantage of my temporary bachelorhood I worked until 2 AM at the home shop on thursday so that I could ride on friday. It was a fantastic day. I have been testing out a WTB Valcon saddle from Onion River Sports. On my mountain bike I ride the WTB RocketV and it is fabulously comfy in that role but longer hours sitting make it less comfortable. The Valcon has been very comfortable so far. The cutout and lack of curve up front seem to have solved the pressure issues I sometimes get. Also important is the lack of flare at the rear and shallow depth which for me cause rear of thigh chafing. It also seems to fit the sit bones just right to help prevent me from letting my hips roll forward. So far so good.

The Pacer at rest.

Sunny playground at the Marshfield library.

A new "borrowing" seat that I am testing out.


bmike said...

Looks like a nice saddle. Sometimes wider and cushier is definitely not better.


greg said...

I'm thinkin' yes on the 300k. Planning an easy week so I might be ready even if my legs are not:)

I'll do another saddle report in a week or two.

sminch said...

Greg, i hope you make it out for the 300. I think a test saddle is the way to go. It hell's get things figured out without buying a bunch a saddles unnecessarily. I have access to the WTB test program too and might try out some different ones later. Right now im running a Fizik Arione and i love it.

greg said...

Hey Wil.

I considered the same Fizik saddle. When I did their online test fit questions the Arione came up for me too. Is there a Fizik test program anywhere in Burlington?

sminch said...

I believe Fit Werx in Waitsfield could help you with that. I think they are awesome saddles and I look forward to checking out the Arione CX. See you Saturday!