Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday sunny cycles...

Huntington Gorge.

Beaver pond.

Photo op stop, breeze on top.

Don't know what pond this is but part of beaver dam area.

Had a great ride yesterday. 25 miles or so of gorges, lakes and llamas. Didn't get a picture of the llamas but there were 5-6 of them being walked on 2 leashes! We suffered for a few moments from a mighty headwind. I came up with a characteristically useless idea for a fuzzy logic electric assist that is wired to a wind speed monitor and automatically compensates to keep the effect of any headwind below 10 mph! Sun and more sun and perfect temps resulted in one of the best rides this year. Wonderful.


sminch said...

Greg, It was good to see you before we parted on our rides. Looks like you guys had a good time exploring. The head wind was insane! I had about 90 miles of it. Good luck this weekend on the 200k, it is a great course.


greg said...

Good to see you too. You have legs of oak Wil:) My experience was that the headwind was the equivalent of a 4%-6% climb. So you did a 90 mile climb. Bravo! Good Tour Divide training eh?