Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers day ride...


Coffee stop

Pond panorama

Father daughter combo I met on an s240!

Trail action

Very happy solo papa

More trail action, the end of a rugged climb

Road out from Plainfield along a familiar route which was made somewhat less so by the recent flooding. It was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable rides ever. Perfect weather. No bugs. Good coffee. Nice picnic by the lake. Met with the family at the end a Boulder Beach for swimming and frolicking.


Pondero said...

Well done. I didn't quite get my Father's Day ride in. I waited for the temperature to drop below 95, and it was so late, I was distracted by other stuff. Good to see that you had excellent conditions, and took full advantage. Bravo!

bmike said...

nice! love that dad and daughter team on an overnight! hmmm.... soon, me thinks. you can probably get your little tyke to groton, no?

greg said...

Chris-I thought about you on your "micro tours" on that ride as I took time to stop and roll along enjoying watching the turkeys and partridge with chicks and sat on the rocking chair at the store and enjoyed my coffee.

Mike-Indeed, I realized that I think we could make it out to groton at this point. We did a 10 mile trail-a-bike last week on flat ground.