Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back roads VT video...

back roads

railroad bed, a bit shaky due to fresh snow and riding
one handed in the loose fresh snow to do video

Here are a few short videos of my standard back roads/railbed ride. Some of my favorite things about riding in winter are: the quiet crunch of the tires, the warmth of the inside of my balaclava, stopping to see what tracks the dog has sniffed out and the hush of stopping.

It was 15 degrees today which is cold enough for me. At this temperature I began to get a little frozen eye feeling which does not seem to happen in the 20-25 degree range. Otherwise still plenty warm though.

I apologize for the dog pooping action, I don't have video editing capability.


Pondero said...

You guys EARN your winter ride joy. I'm guessing that pride in knowing how to dress, and the post-ride warm-up are part of the joy of those winter rides.

sminch said...


The "poop" shot was awesome. Looks like we have a nice storm coming on Wednesday. I look forward to it. I figure if it's going to be winter, it might as well be making a mess to ride in.


greg said...
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greg said...

Indeed there is a certain well earned satisfaction that comes from sitting by the fire and doing a lego project after a cold ride.

Glad you like the poop-both dog and winter versions. I am cancelling my dentist appointment that was in Burlington after looking at the weather report!

sminch said...

Well I suppose we will meet sooner or later. Mike and I are going to start setting up some long rides. The brevets will be some of them and we should do that ride you mapped when the weather breaks. Stay out there. It all adds up.


bmike said...

Man, I go out of town for a week and look what I miss. Yes, we need a Greg, Wil, Mike ride. How about February... 27 if we have relatively clear roads?