Monday, January 10, 2011

Windy little bop...

View across the icy Lake Champlain across to the Adirondacks.

On the bridge with a skier and poodle with Mike. The Pugs and Yeti are hanging out and taking a rest. Went to Burlington for some family hang out time, sledding and etc. When the men got grumpy in the afternoon they kicked us out into the snow. We reflected on how it is good to get out even for a short one in the winter to keep the legs used to spinning and stay acclimated to the cold so that those 38 degree spring rides feel warm!


bmike said...

the pulling of the escape hatch lever was much needed. thanks for the visit!

longer winter rides must be on the planning radar.

and i will never just 'run out the door' and hop on the bike in jeans again. (note i took time to put on the winter cycling boots...!)

jeans = mike got a bit grumpier

i sometimes miss the yeti... but wow - after riding the Soma and the Pugs... the yeti felt like a rocket. guess there's a reason its called the 'fro' - for racing only...

sminch said...

Hey Greg, Not sure when you were around Sunday. Looks light outside so I wouldn't had been around. Otherwise it would have been nice to meet you. Glad you got out.


greg said...


I am all about a longer winter ride!

If your longing for the Yeti ever becomes too great, a buy back is not out of the question...I won't hold it hostage. :)

It is indeed zippy! No loss of power on it. The only thing I don't like about it is no disc brakes and something about the geometry makes the front wheel really like to come up off the ground when climbing!

Wil and Mike-

Maybe we could come up with a plan for a ride soon? Sundays or Saturdays? Back roads and byways abd hot beverages?

sminch said...

Im in. I worked things out with my wife so she can run on Saturdays which would give me Sundays. That seemed to have worked best with Mike. The only thing that I will have on Sundays is afternoon ski lessons for my daughter if she chooses to continue. We can definitely make something happen

greg said...

Sounds good. Sunday is ideal for me too.

bmike said...

kids, i'm in upstate ny for a bit. more planning when i get back to the shire in VT.

-15 this morning.

not cold by minn. or alaska snow biker standards... but i was not prepared for the blast when i set out for coffee this morning, in the car. needed to eyeball the local trails before i took off in the dark.

yes, hot beverages and a ride. sounds good.