Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring preview...

Blue skies, nothing but...on Rt. 100 to Moretown.

And look, I topped out at almost 143 MPH!
This happened while I bought Gatorade and the bike was still.
Weird. Any ideas why? skies on Rt.2 in Middlesex and beautiful old gnarled trees on the bank of the Winooski.

Completely amazing day. I took a few hours off today from 10 ish to 1 ish since
the weather was supposed to be so nice. Was it ever!
Rode from Montpelier to Waterbury on Rt. 2. Then up the climb and descent to Moretown and then on to Waitsfield and back on 100B to Moretown and Midlesex and back to Montpelier.
It was so warm that I had to remove my hat and neck warmer and go down to 1 layer on the climb from Waterbury to Moretown on Rt. 100.


Pondero said...

We will sing to celebrate, and praise the joys of "down to only 1 layer"!

Feels good doesn't it?

greg said...

It does it does!