Friday, August 22, 2014

New Ride!

bar bag n GPS

secula tail light

medium GB bar bag


The new ride is a 2012 Salsa Vaya. This is a great bike. Last year after a ride I stopped in at Old Spokes Home and hopped on it. With little adjustment it seemed like a perfect fit. I felt I was ready after being back on the road for 4 years to jump in and know what I really wanted to be riding.

Luckily Glenn still had this bike on holdover from 2012 as it has the SRAM double still. I dropped off my old wonderful Pacer as trade-in and had them match it as much as possible exactly for fit, as the Pacer was my personal version of FitWerx developed over 4 years :)

I worked with Justin to determine the build, largely based on the experience of Justin, Harris and Glenn I got a wonderful build.

We chose the Barlow Pass 38x700 which I proved work as high speed bomber cyclocross tires on class 4 rocky and rutted roads, zooming along and bunny hopping all the while! We added a SON hub to the stock wheels, the Edelux

The bag is a mounted on a Velo Orange rack.

Same old WTB Valcon that is SO comfy for me.

SKS fenders.

Double wrap of Salsa tape.


Pondero said...

Nice ride! It looks suitable (and encouraging) for many grand adventures.

bmike said...

that ride is sweet, jealous, a bit. always liked the vaya, just too much overlap with my IF and Fargo.

Greg Wallace said...

Thanks guys! It has been great so far.