Monday, August 4, 2014

First post since winter!

New ride, Vaya 2012 holdover.

Rail bridge.

Path along rail bed where bear was!

Barn along Middle Road.

Long bomber downhill into Barre.

Along rte. 302

Reservoir for Barre.

It's been a looooong time since a post popped up here. I have been super busy with work, being a builder and all. I got out for a ride this weekend and met Clifton at Espresso Bueno in Barre for a delicious breakfast burrito and coffee. I rode over on the dirt along Middle Road, which is particularly rough right now, but fun nonetheless. It is definitely nicer on the 38mm Barlow Pass tires! The new bike has been fantastic, more on that later :) We headed back out up Washington Street to where he had come from at the Park and Ride. He headed off to meet the family while I rode on to Reservoir Road and back to Plainfield along Reservior and Brook Roads. This road is a blast, one endless gradual downhill! This loop is part of 100k populaire I want to run next year to pull in more VT riders for the brevet series. It was one of the nicest rides I've done this year.

It hasn't been much of a rando year for me, 2 DNF's and 1 DNS! I have at least been contributing by helping run the VT series with a group of 4-5 others. A bit of a learning curve this year, but looking forward to it next year!


Dave Cain said...

Hey Greg, It's always fun to see what adventures you've been on. Here's to coffee and bikes and back roads!

Greg Wallace said...

Indeed! Would love to ride on a dirt road tour around here with you guys sometime!