Friday, September 27, 2013

Geeking out on cue sheets!

Getting ready for the Fall Classic. I tend to zone out and miss tricky turns so I'm adding mini maps to my cue sheet.
doing outrageously ridiculous krap


Pondero said...

I prefer to think of such time investments as practicing a finely-tuned craft. And way less outrageously ridiculous than TV.

Well done!

Dave Cain said...

Hey Greg,
I think that's great. I'm sure there's some deep proverb about those who,are the best prepared tend to have luck on their side. I hope you have a great ride. I'm sorry not to be there, we are at a wedding in Connecticut.

greg said...

Hi Chris and Dave.

We missed you Dave, hope you enjoyed the wedding though.

Thanks Chris, I'd certainly agree with that!