Saturday, February 11, 2012

snow ride out to Turtlehead Pond

Matt on his new Pugsley
Bailey Pond
old rail bed west

oxbows in the winooski river
What an amazingly glorious day. Yesterday I took the day off of work and went for a great snow ride on the old rail bed.We rode out the rail bed toward Groton State Park. The conditions were almost perfect. The snow was firm enough for the Yeti with the Nokian Extreme's and so Matt and I were able to ride about 20 miles (which felt like 45 miles) on a wonderful blue sky day. We stopped several times to drink tea and remove layers and such. Matt had a blast on his Pugsley which he just got a few weeks ago. If I was on fat tires we would have probably stayed out longer but as the temps started rising up close to 30 F I became fearful of having a long walk through the snow pushing the Yeti so we headed back for some pizza from Positive Pie. YUM.

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bmike said...

Whoa. Thought maybe you had a Pugsley for a minute there.

Snow? What is that?