Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Afternoon road ride...

Pacer with new wheels, computer, light
The Bees Knees in Morrisville hot cider

Horses and tasty french pony
Farmhouse between Stowe and Morrisville
Roadside shot near Stowe
View across to Mt. Mansfield
Totals for the day
I had a nice out and back ride today from Waterbury to Morrisville and back. Pretty crazy to be doing a road ride in February. I was reflecting today on how just 3 years ago I started riding a road bike after about 15 years of Mtn. bike only due to elbow pain. Having the bars higher has made all the difference. 3 years ago I rode the Onion River Sports metric century ride on a warm day and it felt like a killer. Now my first road ride of the year was a 40 mile ride in 40 degree weather with a headwind on the way back and it was pleasant. What a change in fitness over 3 years. Here is the link to the MapMyRide version... http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/70451650/

Speaking of change, I finally switched out from the stock Conti Sport Ultra's 28mm that the Pacer comes with and put on some Conti 4 season 28 mm. WOW! There was a very noticeable difference in both rolling resistance and that sticky feeling the old tires had when I would climb standing (I like to saw back and forth a bit). Very nice. Also switched over to a wired computer after going over 100MPH last year when my bike was stopped at a gas station due to wireless interference.

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