Saturday, January 11, 2014


Snuck out between rain showers. Nokian Xtreme and YakTrax. Made the ice not so bad. 50 degrees was not so bad either.


Dave Cain said...

Hey Greg,
Nancy heads to Boston on a monthly basis, which means that like it or not, I'm biking those three work days, as was the case this week. The reason I mention this is that I did a reasonable amount of biking on ice with my studded tires and I find it pretty impressive how much stability they add. Ruts and turns and braking on a hill are all still hazards, but for just moving, they do the trick. What's your experience? It was really instructive for me a couple of winters ago to ride on the lake and really test out the dynamics of the studs. I've been a lot more confident on them since.

Greg Wallace said...

Hey Dave.

Personally I am amazed by studded tires. I find that for me the handling technique is similar to some single track I used to ride growing up. Long sections of hardpack with unpredictable areas of loose sand.

I find that generally I can bomb right along as long as I am on the lookout for the aforementioned icy ruts and sharp turns.

In terms of braking it seems that for me if I am mindful of where my body weight is I can brake at 75% of dry conditions. The limiting factor being the front wheel sliding out if I apply too much braking to it.

One reason I haven't gone fat is that for 95% of the winter riding I do studs are better. I would like to get a fatbike someday, but more for the fun factor.