Sunday, December 9, 2012

Winter might come...

studly view

I did some work trade in exchange for this beauty. I have missed the black Trek 950 ever since I traded it  in on the Pacer. It came with all the nice period appropriate parts. I added the studded tires. It has a bull moose kind of quill stem. It is now the dedicated winter rig and perhaps will become a camping bike as well.


Anonymous said...

Hey Greg,
Looking good--do you think you'll put fenders on it? I've got an old Panasonic mtn. bike I'm working up into a winter riding bike. I just bought a Sturmey Archer dynamo generator/drum brake hub that I'm going to build up in the next day or so. That'll provide to good things: light and ice-free stopping power. My ride home from work is in the dark and I've been frustrated by battery powered lights.

I hope you had a nice holiday. Happy New Years,

greg said...

Hi Dave.

I had full plastic fenders on the winter ride a few years ago but had problems with ice build up. I keep my winter ride outside so it doesn't thaw to prevent corrosion, but I suppose if you warm it up and hose it down and such it work work out.

This year I am trying out some SKS clip on's...I posted a new picture above with them on.

Your ride sounds interesting, looking forward to seeing it on a winter ride maybe?

Happy Holidays to you too.