Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Classic

The start

end of a climb

end of same climb, ride organizer extraordinaire Mike

fuel stop

requisite bakery stop around the corner from the control

the only thing better than a covered bridge is a covered bridge with bikes

lovely river view

this is a great road at the end of a climb

top of the largest climb

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also top of the largest climb-nice folks from Boston, one of whom just got a new job at Seven Cycles

nice field

giant sap line held up by birch poles
Our Fall Classic ride started at 7am in Burlington and followed a beautiful climby route on back roads and a bit of pavement. The light was amazing. A soft, never quite sunny kind of diffused light. It was one of those rides that was so nice that it didn't matter that we were rained on for an hour or so. The pictures tell a lot of the story. There was much riding and snacking with many great folks.

I felt good and am starting to enjoy climbing again now that it is my 3rd year road riding after a decade or so of no road biking.

I rode with a central Vermont friend of mine. I told him it was 60 miles with 4 coffee shops, confusing this ride with the cafe cruise. As we sat at the Village Cup in Richmond he seemed genuinely, if slightly irritated by this situation. As Mike pointed out, I keep confusing the two rides. He struggled a bit but was glad he pulled through it. Plus, he generated one of the greatest brevet quotes I have heard yet. It goes something like this...(talking to his wife on my phone) "...I'm doing great. My left eyelid is not currently hurting. Everything else hurts. I am pretty sure when I start riding again something will happen and my left eyelid will start hurting too. But it is going great. I feel good." (he is very funny and self deprecating at times).

Anyway, another awesome VT brevet.


bmike said...

nice report greg. thanks for coming out and bringing a friend. glad he was a good sport about it being the classic and not the cafe cruise...


Dave said...

Hey Greg,

Good to read your post.. I enjoy hearing how everyone experienced the day.

I look forward to our possible ride/hang out early next month if it comes together. I've come to really enjoy the social end of being involved in the brevets.


greg said...

Hey Mike, thanks again for a great ride and pizza!

Dave, I feel the same way. It is the social aspect that has motivated me to continue driving up to Burlington for 6 AM starts! Hopefully the weather will hold out for bikecamping this year!