Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I can't stop myself...

I can't help posting these photos. I have chosen to pretend that I hike/biked all the way up Mt. Lafayette in NH ( http://www.summitpost.org/franconia-ridge-traverse/156248 ) with my buddy Curtis even though I didn't bike at all, it was all hiking, so I can post these here. Enjoy.

Lately...sort of...

It has been a very busy summer work wise. Not much time for riding. I bailed on two very exciting rides, one of which started two miles from my house! Not lazy, just spent. I have gotten in a few short ones though and here is the proof.

 Proof 1 : bike gear

 Proof 2 : me in bike gear

Proof 3 : road shot

I also got the Yeti all studded out with some 296's. Now that winter biking has become popular there are all kinds of studded tires in Craigslist!! $50 for the set.

 Bike headlight/car tail light shot.

 New tail light. Very nice. Installs bungee style.

 Yeti with headlight.

 Lye Brook and Devils' Hill. It was Laird Pond before the dam broke during our spring flooding.

 Broken dam.

 Canine consuming frozen water.

 A wee bit of powder.

Trees and snow eh?