Sunday, January 12, 2014


Cafe Au Yak
So yes, this is generally a bike blog and occasionally a general outdoors blog. Every now and then though, something so important needs to be addressed that it crosses over the category boundaries of the blogland.

Coffee definitely counts as being in that category. If you are reading this and you disagree, please stop reading. I mean this blog, permanently. Because coffee just is.

I have had lots of coffee. 22 years ago I had my first really good coffee. In Memphis, TN at a restaurant called Cafe Samovar. Amazing Russian and Eastern European inspired comfort food and what they called "Hungarian" coffee. They brought out a small copper pot with coffee in it, grounds and all. After a few minutes it settled and you poured it out. Delicious. Rich and thick. This was before good coffee hit the south.

Another highlight was 15 years ago in Kansas City. A restaurant there served cold brewed coffee. They had a big glass contraption on display that they filled with coffee grounds and cold water every night and collected the coffee to be heated later. Very smooth and medium dark. Perfect for hot humid weather.

13 years ago in Colorado. The middle of nowhere. A used book store/pizza joint. Guy took 5 minutes to emerge from the back of the store. He lived there and headed out his backdoor to skin up the mountains behind him. I think he ran this business as a ruse to allow him to own one of those gold Italian machines that cost thousands of dollars. He made an amazing espresso.

Kona coffee 2 weeks ago at Mike's house. Chemex brewed, burr grinder, 60/1000 ratio. Delicious and low acid, dark and amazing.

However, at my own house I have tried dozens of methods. I keep returning to that first good cup of coffee though. My method now is a stainless saucepan. Boil water. Remove from heat. Add rough ground beans. Sit 4 minutes. (see the froth!) Strain through fine mesh stainless strainer. It gets high praise from folks, including the Seattle in-laws who of course are geographically entitled to be officials on coffee.


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wow. i made the cut on the best coffee ever? nice.